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Our bushes are not grown in pots or held in cold storage like many other growers trees. They are very healthy and thriving in high quality soil in the ground and removed only when your order is picked (as a result of this method they are highly resistant to disease and harmful insects).  We then ship them to you bare root with a certified inspection ticket. You end up getting a tree of the highest quality.

All Trees, Shrubs, and bushes are shipped in  April to May and October to November. All orders placed after April 15th are shipped in Oct- Nov.  All orders placed after October 15th are shipped in April-May.

 All Grape vines are shipped in the Spring.  All other products are shipped immediately.

Blueberry Bush
Patriot Blueberry Bush
Fruit Bearing Bushes
Strawberry Bush
Everbearing Strawberry Plants
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